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The opC++ Standard Dialect

The opC++ Standard Dialect adds Important Language Features to C++:

  • Reflection
  • Serialization
  • Fast Casting

opC++ includes an entire New C++ Dialect. This dialect is built entirely using the opC++ dialect language, and is actively maintained by the opC++ team. Currently designed around type safety, this initial version already displays Leading Features and Performance.

How opC++ Works

opC++ generates code to standard C++! This means you effectively get these features available on any platform.

No managed assemblies.

No libraries.

Just pure native C++.

The features your opC++ code has available depend on the selected 'dialect file' - Standard opC++ is just one dialect you can use with opC++.

Simply select a dialect, write opC++ code, and compile away.


opC++ easily integrates into existing C++ workflows.

The only requirement is that you include a single generated header and a single generated source file so that the rest of your program can see the opC++ code.

The generated code is fully debuggable - you can even redistribute it to others without opC++!

New Types

Standard opC++ gives you new types:

  • opclass - polymorphic class with reflection support and fast casting.
  • opstruct - lightweight data structure with reflection support.
  • openum - enumeration with strong typing and string conversions.


For C++ Programmers, using opclass is simple.

Just use opclass as you would a normal C++ class - all of the features are added behind the scenes based on the dialect.

Notice the improved specifiers, available in opclass and any category in opC++.

Class Casting

This graph shows the dynamic casting times of C#, C++, and opC++ in a benchmark.

opC++ class_cast is over 50% faster than C#'s 'as' casting - a language built to dynamically cast.

And unlike C++'s dynamic_cast, opC++ class_cast occurs in constant time!


  • All benchmarks conducted on a single machine - performance shown is a reasonable guide indicative of many scenarios. All benchmarks are available for verification as part of the opC++ Compiler package.
  • opC++ is property of opGames Inc., all other products mentioned are copyright and/or trademark their respective owners. opGames is not affiliated with any other companies or products mentioned on this site.
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