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Visual Studio Addin

opC++ comes with an addin to improve coding in Visual Studio. Some of its features include the following:

Currently Supported:

  • Visual Studio 2005, with upcoming support for 2008.

Code Context Menu

Easily open files included using the opinclude syntax.

Go to generated header or source C++ code from the original opC++ code.

Visualize opC++ code as xml - all via the right click menu.

Generated Code Context Menu

Easily go to the original code or the dialect code where the generated code originated via the right click menu.

Argument Helper

The opC++ Visual Studio Addin adds special dialect aware features, to help make writing dialects easier.

Easily add automatic and user-defined note arguments in dialect code via the right click menu.

Compiler Options

Easily control the compiler and Visual Studio addin by manipulating property grid-style global and project options. Options can be configured on a per-project, per-configuration and per-platform basis.

Code Visualization

The compiler can generate xml visualizations of your code.

Here you can see all the category types in a file, as well as all user-defined and automatic modifiers attached by the compiler!

Original Code:

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