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Maps provide note listing generation based on very specific criteria specified in dialect files.


You can generate datamap and functionmap listings in opC++. datamaps only consider data members, and functionmaps only consider function members.


Map notes are generated based on 'is' criteria expressions:

  • is modifier
  • is not modifier
  • is modifier("optional regex criteria")
  • is modifier and/or/(group) ...

Initially all data statements satisfy the map criteria. Each criteria expression filters through the data statements accordingly.


The main criteria for maps are modifiers - in opC++ there are two ways modifiers are created:

  1. Specified by the user (by prepending a modifier to a declaration)
  2. Generated by the compiler

The automatically generated modifiers include type identification and other useful C++ information.

Automatic modifiers can be visualized via the Addin and via the generated visualization xml's.

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