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Dialect files control how opCpp treats your opC++ code.

Choice of dialects affects the compilation of opC++ source code into C++ backend code.

Options defined by dialect files fall into these categories:

  • Project Configuration Options
  • Note Generation Options
  • Note Definitions

Project Configuration Options

These include options such as any commandline options that you want in a project specific configuration.

You may also include any existing dialect files if you want to utilize a hybrid dialect to add multiple features to your project dialect.

Note Generation Options

These options decide what extended syntax is valid when using the dialect. They also decide what notes should be generated based on the extended syntax.

Note Definitions

In order to get your code to compile successfully, opCpp will ask you to define all the notes that you asked it to generate. They may be defined to empty code, or may have actual generation effects - this is where you define exactly what code fits with each note.

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