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A Category in opC++ is an extensible redefinition of the concept of class identifiers in C++.

C++ Categories

In C++ the only two categories were class and struct.

The meanings of these categories were very limited.


Use of class means you want a c++ class, that by default will have private inheritance and private member visibility.

category implications: private inheritance and visibility.


Use of struct means you want a c++ struct, an object type that by default will have public inheritance and public member visibility.

category implications: public inheritance and visibility.

Categories in opC++

In opC++ the meaning behind choice of a category can go far beyond visibility and inheritance implications. By using a category you can control the generated code implications of an object type!

Category may affect generation in the following ways:

  • May give a type additional functions or data
  • May give a type external function support
  • May give a type generated meta-data
  • May give a type further validation restrictions
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